Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)

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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-director: Nicos Livesey
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Producer: Georgina Fillmore
Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management.

Production Company: Blinkink
Production Company: Eddy
Executive Producers Eddy: Emilie Walmsley, Lars Wagner
Production Coordinator: Maria Kolandawel
Production Manager Eddy: Stella Ramsden
Line Producer: Fabien Cellier
Production Assistants: Lina Houari, Agathe Derosier

Director of Photography: Max Halstead
1st Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear
Editor: Paul Moth

Animation by: Brunch
Lead Animator: Romain Barriaux
Storyboard and Layout: Julien Perron
Animation: Romain Barriaux, Julien Perron, Leo Schweitzer, Martin Richard, Paul Nivet, Magali Garnier, Léonard Bismuth, Simon Duong van Huyen, Mathilde Loubes, Victor Chagniot (work experience)
Animation Clean-up: Mathilde Loubes, Antoine Carré
Colour and Shadow animation: Meton Joffily d'Alençar, Rohit Kelkar, Antoine Carré, Constance Bertoux
Compositing: Vincent Ewald
Compositing assistant: Ekin Koca
3D Animators: Erik Ferguson, Oliver Latta, Marco Mori
Analog Synth: Michael Knight
Animation Clips: Lee Hardcastle, Macomoroni, Extraweg, Fergemanden
Animatic: Simone Ghilardotti
Sound FX: Offset Audio


  • armasandoval52
    armasandoval52Prieš 55 minučių

    I love how everyone just traded moods. Like Noodle is moody which is usually how Russel is, Russel is vibing which is what 2-D usually does, 2-D is pissed off, and Ace is just Ace

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi ggPrieš 3 val

    ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️pls believe in Jesus Christ with all of your heart ❤️ and i believe in Jesus Christ with all of my heart✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi ggPrieš 3 val

    ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️pls believe in Jesus Christ with all of your heart ❤️ and i believe in Jesus Christ with all of my heart✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  • Vadersouls
    VadersoulsPrieš 8 val

    The moment you realise lee hardcastle had a part in this

  • oren gabay
    oren gabayPrieš 10 val

    The most beautiful song in the world 🌏🔝💙

  • EllieeElven
    EllieeElvenPrieš 10 val

    The best drugs i've taken. 10/10 would take again.

  • julio ossandon
    julio ossandonPrieš 10 val

    No me atraía la imagen pero joder, me encanto la canción

  • Oscar Axford
    Oscar AxfordPrieš 18 val

    I started watching this and I was also at my drum kit so I was watching this as well as playing a simple beat with one hand on the drum it was quite fun

  • fuzion
    fuzionPrieš 19 val

    Noodle: YOU CAN BARELY EVEN FUCKING TELL THERES A GUITAR IN THIS CMON MAN 2D: haha flashlight Ace: That sugar I put in my drink… that wasn’t sugar… *but i don’t care* Russel: :)

  • Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Prieš 16 val

    This band is weird. That's why we all love it.

  • Salty Sa1id
    Salty Sa1idPrieš dieną

    0:55 god is that you?

  • SyndroDome
    SyndroDomePrieš dieną

    Honestly same.

  • StqrBlqde
    StqrBlqdePrieš dieną

    Awe russel 🥰

  • Fox Sky
    Fox SkyPrieš dieną

    Tres Tres Bien !

  • Fox Sky
    Fox SkyPrieš dieną

    Shemalillaz Shemalillaz Shemalillaz !!! God Please !!!

    RAHATINNAMEPrieš dieną

    I like Noodle’s new hairstyle

  • Dart's studio of random
    Dart's studio of randomPrieš dieną

    Russel is happy becuse he got his revenge

  • ♦️TaiHeN♦️
    ♦️TaiHeN♦️Prieš dieną


  • yarelly0tg
    yarelly0tgPrieš 2 dienas

    I love ace💞!!! I like the fact that he is now in Gorillaz !!!❤️

  • Hilos de cheems
    Hilos de cheemsPrieš 2 dienas

    Perdon es español

  • Hilos de cheems
    Hilos de cheemsPrieš 2 dienas

    No se si saben ingles pero me gusta mucho su musica los adoro

  • SWNavy


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Yes I agree they are one of my favorite bands

  • Daniel O
    Daniel OPrieš 2 dienas

    I'm so obsessed over this song. 😍😍😍

  • Isaac BL
    Isaac BLPrieš 2 dienas


  • Dark Rose
    Dark RosePrieš 2 dienas

    Ace was killing it

  • Kanye East
    Kanye EastPrieš 2 dienas

    I love how you can hear a trace of Damon’s real voice every time 2-D is singing especially at 2:17 and just throughout the music video but you have to listen REEEAAALLL close

  • Gabriel Fialho
    Gabriel FialhoPrieš 2 dienas

    I love you 2D

  • Da Von Darne'
    Da Von Darne'Prieš 2 dienas

    Murdoc is in jail ......the entire band is in a good mood ....rotfl

  • LDaNiii
    LDaNiiiPrieš 2 dienas

    The andromeda of The Now Now

  • Alex Babin
    Alex BabinPrieš 2 dienas

    Bass line = Boss line

  • Random Ñēss
    Random ÑēssPrieš 2 dienas

    Netflix original series side character be like:

  • Daniel Huang
    Daniel HuangPrieš 2 dienas


  • Din Fam
    Din FamPrieš 3 dienas

    I love how noodle looks like she’s not giving a shit

  • Todoroki Dabi
    Todoroki DabiPrieš 3 dienas

    Bro why did murdoc look like that for a sec

  • SirenX


    Prieš 2 dienas

    That ain't murdoc. Its Ace from PPG

  • Ledionyes__
    Ledionyes__Prieš 3 dienas

    Bro why is noodle facing the camera in like every shot

  • N_ist_0
    N_ist_0Prieš 3 dienas

    POV: you're trippin on acid

  • Dimensional shade
    Dimensional shadePrieš 3 dienas

    noodle is the only chaacter who ages

  • El Mejimono Más Guapo
    El Mejimono Más GuapoPrieš 3 dienas

    #ThisIsNotMyGorillaz. I am one of the millions of true Gorillaz fans and i'm here to say ¡ FUCK BAD BUNNY !.

  • SWNavy


    Prieš dieną

    @El Mejimono Más Guapo ok?

  • El Mejimono Más Guapo

    El Mejimono Más Guapo

    Prieš dieną

    @SWNavy what ever... I listen Gorillaz since their first single " Tomorrow Comes Today " since My 6 years old... This Is the last time i reply you you crearly look attention bye.

  • SWNavy


    Prieš dieną

    @El Mejimono Más Guapo fake fan

  • El Mejimono Más Guapo

    El Mejimono Más Guapo

    Prieš 2 dienas

    @SWNavy boomer get the hell out of here!!.

  • El Mejimono Más Guapo

    El Mejimono Más Guapo

    Prieš 2 dienas

    @SWNavy no one care.... Gorillaz don't care about they're fans , de Gorillaz are just Fashion Now and you don't live in south america i do , Bad Bunny needs autotune to sing because he is not an artist he is is just a " Handsome guy " who likes money... So if you are a new Gorillaz fan shut the hell up ¡ Poser !.

  • WeedWhacker
    WeedWhackerPrieš 3 dienas

    Who is ace? Can someone catch me up?

  • Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Prieš 3 dienas

    @WeedWhacker no problem

  • WeedWhacker


    Prieš 3 dienas

    @Sarah The Bread God 🍞 thanks 😁

  • Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Prieš 3 dienas

    When Murdoc went to jail, Ace became the new Bassist for the band. He's a villain from the 90's show "The PowerPuff Girls"

  • sgsgsgsgsahdsh


    Prieš 3 dienas

    Backup for murdoc. Some villain from powerpuff girls if im not mistaken.

  • The Axolotl
    The AxolotlPrieš 4 dienas

    Russell looks overly happy.

  • Lynn
    LynnPrieš 4 dienas

    How was this 3 years ago :(

  • Lucio Mendoza
    Lucio MendozaPrieš 4 dienas

    es enserio que no hay latino aqui

  • Smith
    SmithPrieš 4 dienas

    "Feel Good Inc." is better but nice effort

  • Juan menez
    Juan menezPrieš 4 dienas

    2:47 literally me when

  • Declun
    DeclunPrieš 4 dienas

    Russel: :D

  • Julia Mondejar
    Julia MondejarPrieš 4 dienas

    They are my goods 🛐❤❤❤

  • God Save the Queen
    God Save the QueenPrieš 4 dienas

    Omg they wrote a song about my gender-

  • Fenn Byers

    Fenn Byers

    Prieš 3 dienas

    @sgsgsgsgsahdsh yeah but it's spelt like trans tho lmao

  • sgsgsgsgsahdsh


    Prieš 3 dienas

    The song is about being high on drugs, a trance. The name is just a cooler way to write trance.

  • Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Prieš 4 dienas

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Trans isn't a gender.(like, if you dude who's transitioned into a girl, then you're just a girl) But anyway, the song itself isn't about Trans people tho.(at least, I don't think so)

  • Cypher
    CypherPrieš 4 dienas

    Why the hell is Russel so cute

  • Playte :]
    Playte :]Prieš 4 dienas

    nobody: those inflatable floppy man things in front of car stores: 2:29

  • Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Sarah The Bread God 🍞

    Prieš 3 dienas


  • st0ver
    st0verPrieš 4 dienas

    god this comment section feels live I'm on Reddit. I want to blow my brains out

  • Mang


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Basically every comment section for any popular song, I always find it pretty cringe

  • your local loser
    your local loserPrieš 4 dienas

    Russel kinda looks like he’s on drugs

  • Gamin_Time999
    Gamin_Time999Prieš 4 dienas

    Russel actually being happy is such a strange and rare sight... I kind of like it.

  • Catras Left foot
    Catras Left footPrieš 5 dienų

    The song: fun and colourful The meaning of the song: spending a Saturday night doing drugs to make you feel happy and doing alcohol and having a GrEAt TiME

  • Lila
    LilaPrieš 5 dienų

    0:13 primera vez que veo a Russel feliz :D

  • MIA Yung_Flow
    MIA Yung_FlowPrieš 5 dienų

    I use to listen to this all the time

  • Arthur Cunha
    Arthur CunhaPrieš 5 dienų

    Algum br?

  • Alcionete Barbosa Batista

    Alcionete Barbosa Batista

    Prieš 2 dienas


  • Dips Hit
    Dips HitPrieš 5 dienų

    Russ is a smiley boi in this one ☺️

  • Sally Fisher
    Sally FisherPrieš 5 dienų

    So that's what 2D's eyes do...

  • Santiago Martinez Erick Gabriel
    Santiago Martinez Erick GabrielPrieš 5 dienų

    Like si sigues escuchando esta música en 2021

  • Bug_Hopebagel
    Bug_HopebagelPrieš 5 dienų

    Bro close your eyes and work out to this (safely) Trust me.

  • Una Glambek
    Una GlambekPrieš 5 dienų

    1:07 Me being anti-social and someone starts walking towards me

  • Photorealistic Duck
    Photorealistic DuckPrieš 5 dienų

    I love how everyone else is high/tripping while Ace is just jamming

  • Katlantic / enby on mars
    Katlantic / enby on marsPrieš 6 dienų


  • fabrizio FV
    fabrizio FVPrieš 6 dienų

    y murdoc? ._.

  • /到/ SIMP DE MILLIE 💝💞

    /到/ SIMP DE MILLIE 💝💞

    Prieš 5 dienų

    En prisión XD

  • la cafeteria memera

    la cafeteria memera

    Prieš 6 dienų

    estaba en prision

  • Mauro Del Valle
    Mauro Del VallePrieš 6 dienų

    Did you notice that Noodle has a belly-length skirt? very rare, equals 2-D, 70% legs XD

  • 2-D FACHERO Bv
    2-D FACHERO BvPrieš 6 dienų

    salavrg ya 3 años

  • /到/ SIMP DE MILLIE 💝💞

    /到/ SIMP DE MILLIE 💝💞

    Prieš 5 dienų


  • Grass :D
    Grass :DPrieš 6 dienų

    this is my comfort song ngl

  • the animator
    the animatorPrieš 7 dienų

    How do you- HOW DO DRAW LIKE THAT!? also how long did it take to animate this?

  • the animator

    the animator

    Prieš 5 dienų

    @rosieantz jee

  • rosieantz


    Prieš 6 dienų

    Jamie would never tell 🤫

  • I love jujube :)
    I love jujube :)Prieš 7 dienų

    2-D looks so happy, and also drugged

  • ~Random_Person~
    ~Random_Person~Prieš 7 dienų

    me:"can i have emma from the promised never land and gorillaz?" mom:"ugh we have emma from the promised never land and gorillaz at home" Emma from and promised never land and gorillaz at home:

  • Wuz15
    Wuz15Prieš 7 dienų

    I showed this to my epileptic friend and he liked it so much he started breakdancing on the floor

  • codified likeness utility
    codified likeness utility Prieš 7 dienų

    Great track, but I can't help but think it's missing something....

  • Anastasija Dimoska
    Anastasija DimoskaPrieš 7 dienų

    i actually have a poster for this song

  • Hamza Mirza
    Hamza MirzaPrieš 7 dienų

    Cant believe that they have a crossover with the powerpuff girls

  • Alex Flores
    Alex FloresPrieš 8 dienų

    is that suppose to be murdock

  • Vexoont


    Prieš 7 dienų

    nope, thats Ace. I think that was his replacement at the time

  • Amanda Rex 230
    Amanda Rex 230Prieš 8 dienų

    I love music

  • Spaget
    SpagetPrieš 8 dienų

    This song turned 3 years old today

  • ok nilem
    ok nilemPrieš 8 dienų

    Been listening to the Gorillaz since the beginning. And this song restored my faith in their longevity

  • Артем Попов
    Артем ПоповPrieš 9 dienų

    3 years ago

  • CC-2065
    CC-2065Prieš 9 dienų


  • Lesly
    LeslyPrieš 9 dienų

    Love this song😞👍

  • GEO906
    GEO906Prieš 10 dienų


  • abueno adiós master
    abueno adiós masterPrieš 10 dienų


  • nessdude
    nessdudePrieš 11 dienų

    I immediately recognized Lee Hardcastles work. So glad he got some rep from Gorillaz. You love to see it!

  • MoonlitWisp
    MoonlitWispPrieš 11 dienų

    come onssssssssdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd*deepthroats mic*

  • Six
    SixPrieš 11 dienų

    the fact that 2-d could be my dad will stick with me forever-

  • Pmk 98
    Pmk 98Prieš 11 dienų


  • Lem0nal!ens
    Lem0nal!ensPrieš 11 dienų

    I saw the title and thought this was a song for trans people LMFAO

  • Dexem The Gay
    Dexem The GayPrieš 11 dienų

    i love the 3D model of 2-D just ragdolling at the end

  • El Cuerpo Del Delito
    El Cuerpo Del DelitoPrieš 12 dienų

    Letra: Oscílate esta noche Cuando estés en tu cama Asimila la dopamina Pasando por tu cabeza Cuando regresas un sábado por la noche Y la habitación se está derrumbando ¿Te ves como yo? ¿Te sientes como yo? ¿Te conviertes en tu efigie? ¿Bailas así? Por siempre Mírate en el lago de cupido Roto en tu cabeza ¿Indicas a los satélites Pasando por el borde? Cuando regresas un sábado por la noche Y la habitación se está derrumbando ¿Te ves como yo? ¿Te sientes como yo? ¿Te conviertes en tu efigie? ¿Bailas así? Por siempre ¿Bailas así? Por siempre ¿Te ves como yo? ¿Ardes como yo? ¿Te ves como yo? ¿Ardes como yo? ¿Te ves como yo? ¿Ardes como yo? ¿Te conviertes en tu efigie? ¿Bailas así? Por siempre ¿Vives así? Por siempre ¿Bailas? ¿Bailas? ¿Bailas? ¿Bailas?

  • Tenstim Dabis
    Tenstim DabisPrieš 12 dienų

    Something I just noticed about the animation is slower movements have fewer frames than faster movements, you can especially see this on 2D's hand playing the keyboard. I love little details and effort like this, it's so worth it when you see them.

  • do you pass the vibecheck
    do you pass the vibecheckPrieš 12 dienų

    If sunshine in a bag was a song

  • Radioactive Banana
    Radioactive BananaPrieš 12 dienų

    Russell is happy, ace is shredding, 2d is vibing, and noodle is probably tripping balls rn, its perfect

  • lagmaster4life
    lagmaster4lifePrieš 12 dienų

    “do you look like me, do you feel like me” this lyric will forever torment my mind

  • SleepyMouse
    SleepyMousePrieš 12 dienų

    2:13 vibe

  • Flacy Timothy
    Flacy TimothyPrieš 12 dienų

    Tranz try and be me find me another me you wont

  • pedro Daniel zeferino torres
    pedro Daniel zeferino torresPrieš 12 dienų

    Whoa todos los integrantes de gorillaz son traga años, excepto noodle pero 2d, murdock y rusell se ven mucho mas jovenes de lo que en realidad son.

  • SleepyMouse
    SleepyMousePrieš 12 dienų


  • bepis the science man
    bepis the science manPrieš 12 dienų

    Tranz rights

  • Spacey in Space

    Spacey in Space

    Prieš 12 dienų

    hell yea😎

  • rosà ;)
    rosà ;)Prieš 12 dienų

    Somebody told me that 2D is transgender-

  • Alma Sanchez

    Alma Sanchez

    Prieš 2 dienas

    He's only afeminated

  • Sewer Waluigi

    Sewer Waluigi

    Prieš 10 dienų

    Considering how progressive gorillaz is, its possible

  • John Cake
    John CakePrieš 12 dienų

    Russel is smiling, fucking finally

  • Txnyx
    TxnyxPrieš 12 dienų

    I shouldnt be attracted to 2-D